Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

I love September! It's the start of the ber BRRRR months. It's also my birthday month so I'm really really thrilled and excited!

Just because I cannot contain my joy, I'm sharing with you my September Bucket List.

1. go to an art gallery -- any suggestions? :)

2. a blessed and sunny vacation -- haven't finalized the booking yet but here's hoping.. <3

3. starwars heroes and villains pancake molds -- my friends and i are big fans of darth vader. we call our gang The Dark Side for fun! geekazoid alert! :) click me to see!

4. a binondo food trip -- and not because of kim chiu! i've been wanting to go with my friends here since last year but work schedules are mean and stubborn. :(

5. a bespoke leather satchel -- proudly pinoy! and it's handmade.. i really like the 13"/14" version.. i'm not sure if it's available already..  click me to see!

6. mend an old friendship

7. dinner at isabelo garden restaurant -- really really want to try their roasted pork crackling. i heard it's awesome. :)

8. inner peace and good health -- i think these go together.

9. new sheets (300-400 thread count) <3

10. your greetings! <3


  1. Advance Happy Birthday jamjami! <3 IMY! Next week will be our shopping getaway, excited! Hoping for a binondo food trip also, soon.

  2. Advance Happy Birthday! I hope your wishlist come true :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the satchel. It's really nice. I just got one but it's not Philippine-made :/

    Bed sheets at 300-400 thread count are a must! Hehe.

    Happy Birthday in advance.

    Definitely, Maybe

  4. advanced happy birthday Jam! :) enjoy your Isabelo dinner. :)

    P.S. for the art gallery, you might want to check out Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Laya restaurant used to be there, kaya lang closed na sila. Or maybe try the Ben Cab museum in Baguio!

  5. Godiva chocolates n lng sagot ko. :D

  6. aileen : woohoo! *excited* i miss you too! ♥

    tina : thank you! i hope it does! ♥

    joie : you're very welcome! there are lots of talented pinoys out there talaga :) i saw your satchel. pretty!! i agree! sarap matulog all day =P thanks again! ♥

    roni : thanks! have to reserve early hehe.. oooh.. i'll definitely check that out since marikina is close to antipolo naman.. yey! :) i'll try ben cab next time i go to baguio. thank you!!! ♥

    orange : thank you!!! and thanks for dropping by! :)

    beth : OMG. thanks bethsy!!! i was thinking of including that nga on my list.. you're an angel! enjoy europe! miss youuuu! ♥

  7. well september is my birth month too .. and i also have a wishlist on my blog ..http://sittieinthecity.blogspot.com/2011/08/this-is-what-i-want.html

    hahahaha so nice blog... am a new follower here, check out my blog and follow me too if you like.. I hope too see more of your post


  8. I am also celebrating my birthday this month! Holler to all september babies out there. :) Marikina has a lot of great museums to check out: miniature museum, shoe museum by no other than Imelda's collection, and doll museum. I plan on visiting the doll museum on the exact day of my birhday. :)

  9. advance happy birthday! :) thanks for visiting our blog..

    pinto art museum will be perfect for your birthday celebration.. looking forward to your post about it.. :)

  10. Have you been to the National Museum recently? It's worth a visit. That could take the place of your #1 wish list. Happy birthday! :)

  11. sittie : fab wishlist you got there.. :) happy birthday month to you!

    jenn : oh! i would love to see Imelda's shoe collection! when is your birthday? happy birthday month to you too. thank you for suggesting these places. i will definitely check them out. :)

    marlie : thank you! i'm excited too!

    AJ : i haven't.. my friends and i were planning to go there nga last june e but we're not sure if they're still open in the late afternoon. we went kase to intramuros/fort santiago first then luneta.. thanks for suggesting it! and thank you for wishing me a happy birthday!

    God bless everyone!


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