Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hiking at Lagen Island's Tropical Forest

There are tons of things you could do during your stay at El Nido Resorts. Aside from island hopping, you can go rock climbing, straw hat-making, kayaking, get a massage or just lounge by the pool. I think our three-days stay there wasn't enough to really see the entirety of Bacuit Bay (all the more reason to come back for a second visit, yes?) but nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay at Lagen Island to the fullest.

On our second day, my cousin and I got up early for a morning hike up Lagen's forest. Call time was 6:30 a.m. so it was a great deal getting my lazy ass out of the bed. We were joined by a couple (well, we assumed they were.. hehe) and our guide. 

Initially, I thought of leaving my camera in the room but I take my hobby seriously so I brought it with me. =P I'm the type of girl who's into details and I make an effort to document everything. I believe that the most perfect moments are those that are fleeting so, as much as possible, I try to capture them. yeah.. I'm bizarro like that.

It was a fairly moderate trail. Some parts were really steep. Lagen's tropical forest trail is said to be one of the best sites for birdwatching in El Nido. I saw a couple of monkeys, some swallows and a few exotic birds. It's really a good way to start our day and compensate for pigging out at the buffet the day before. 

The thick forest is rich with towering trees that block most of the sunlight  from reaching the ground. These trees serve as sanctuary to a wide diversity of birdlife. I don't often hear sweet chirping of birds in the morning so I found this activity very enjoyable and it was a great opportunity to commune with nature.

photo time:

At the end of the trail, we found ourselves at the other side of Lagen Island. The cool breeze was refreshing.
We were then picked up by a motorboat and it brought us back to the front side of the resort.
Robbie and I certainly had a hefty breakfast after. :)

photo by cousin robbie
I hope I can visit this place again. It'd be awesome to see more exotic and migratory birds using a scope. :)


  1. oh my, El Nido. Still haven't visited this beautiful place!

    The photos make me want to visit the place ASAP. Nice perspective btw on the mushrooms and other plants! :D

    I had to check your older posts too, and realized that there's a lot of beautiful stories I have yet to read in this blog!

  2. thanks ed! i do hope i can maintain this blog.

    el nido is such an enchanting place. i'm sure you'll have a splendid time once you visit it.

    keep in touch! :)

  3. wow! el nido is truly breathtaking. i hope to visit soon when i have the money to do so. haha! nice pictures. thanks for dropping by my blog. :)
    following. :)

  4. I need to go back to El Nido and experience this as well! Too bad, we were not able to go to Lagen due to our tight schedule :-(

    Great blog!

  5. jenn : hi jenn! i couldn't agree with you more. it's my pleasure! love your style btw. keep in touch. xoxo

    roaming pinoy : indeed, you must! :) thanks for dropping by!

  6. your photos are amazing.. i'll be going to el nido also next year and i hope i can also take that trail..

  7. thanks joan. :) then i suggest you stay at lagen island resort :D i bet you'll have tons of fun!

  8. You take wonderful photos - you should never ever think of leaving your camera! I'm just a point-&-shooter but it's always my shadow when I'm traveling. :)

    Really nice post! Haven't been to El Nido yet. Thanks for dropping in my cyber-corner. :)

  9. el nido will be one of next year's top destination. wow! havent tried trekking in the islands there. ill do that when i return to el nido and taytay

  10. wow...such a fantastic place!! I wish to go there next know, I really enjoy reading your posts. I get to know all the places here on the Philippines that I'm not even familiar with. great post! 'til next time!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

  11. I'd love to be at a place like that right now! It looks relaxing and hopefully this fruit in the photo smells good too lol And breeze! I would definitely love to feel some sea breeze right now!

  12. wow! those photo are super amazing, I always wanted to explore the Philippines like you do.. great blog!

    btw- am a new follower here, come drop by my blog if you have and follow if you like.. thanks! :)

  13. aj : haha! thanks for that. i guess i can relate with you. it's a traveler's best buddy ;) do keep on exploring! would love to read more of your stories :)

    dong ho : i'm excited for you! hiking/trekking really gives a different thrill.

    mar : thank you! will post more adventures soon. :) these places really make me proud i'm a filipino. take care!

    julia : hi! indeed.. el nido is a jewel. btw, i really enjoy reading your posts. it's like a daily mood-upper. :)

    roxanne : thank you. :) it's never too late to start exploring and traveling.


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