Tuesday, June 28, 2011

El Nido Flight via Island Transvoyager Inc.

Last April, I went to El Nido with my aunt and cousin. They're from the land down under (AU) and were vacationing here in the Philippines for a week. Months before their trip, my cousin had been asking me to take him somewhere far far away from Quezon City. So I thought what better place to take him than Palawan, right? :) I think he finally got bored of the same routine every time the family gets together (lunch buffet-oldies talk-shopping-lunch buffet-oldies talk-shopping-lunch buffet) --- I don't know if you can relate but I'm pretty sure you've had a similar experience with your balikbayan relatives. hehehe.. Anyway, this was also my first time to plan a trip. I had no idea it could be that stressful especially when you're looking for a package that's affordable and you're on a tight schedule. But believe me, in the end, everything was worth it. :)

After the booking had been settled, I felt a really good sigh of relief. #thisisitmoment:)

And then the day finally arrived... We're going to El Nido! :)

We flew to El Nido via Island Transvoyager Inc. or ITI. ITI flies to El Nido thrice daily and it is also the official carrier of El Nido Resorts guests.

I got really excited coz this was also my first time to ride on a small chartered plane (a 19-seater Dornier 228-212).

When we arrived at the hangar, the staff immediately greeted our group and led us to the waiting area. They offered us warm muffins which were reaaallllllllyyy good and asked us whether we wanted coffee/tea/juice/hot chocolate with it. 

warm muffins! ;)
Things to note before going to the airport:
* Bring a valid id
* Bring the voucher from El Nido Resorts
* Bring your ITI e-ticket
* Make sure that your baggage (including hand carry) does not exceed 10 kilos

our boarding pass

We were given shirt stickers to aid El Nido Resorts personnel in identifying the resort destination of the  guests.
After we got our boarding passes and they've check in our luggages, we were ushered to an exclusive lounge. Here we were given a safety briefing and some few reminders by an airport attendant. There are no flight attendants aboard the aircraft -- just the passengers and the pilots. There's no lavatory either so it's important to hit the restroom before takeoff.

waiting for our flight

A few minutes later, the attendant announced that it's time to board the plane. The flight was smooth. Well I have to admit that during the first few minutes it was nerve-racking. I initially felt uneasy because I was just right next to the emergency exit door. But eventually, halfway through the flight, I was able to relax and feel comfy. :)

p.s. Sitting behind the co-pilot was interesting. I got to see the aircraft's navigational instruments up close. We only see them on powerpoint presentations back when I was in college. 

red carpet treatment :D

What's nice about UWA lenses? It works great with small spaces and you get to take good pictures of yourself with ease. hahaha :P

Here's me and tita reading about Anne Curtis' vacation in Miniloc Island Resort and Robbie's photo of me taking my own picture. Haha!

are we there yet? :)
only with an UWA :)
our awesome pilots! 

Touchdown El Nido! :D

Stay tuned for my next posts. :)


  1. Hey Jam! Thanks for visiting my blog :) great post! Csnt wait for the next one bec I've been wanting to go to El Nido but I dont have time!

    Anyway, I followed your blog through Gogle Friend Connect/Blogspot so I can ses your other posts. Hope you can do the same for my blog.

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. Hi Joei! Thanks! You haven't seen anything yet. :) I'll post more about our El Nido Trip soon. Keep in touch!

    I followed you na. You have such a cute blog. :)

  3. what an experience that must have been. i bet it was an amazing flight.

  4. hi ching! thanks for visiting. yup it was! if you're visiting el nido soon, i suggest you go via ITI. hassle free. :)

  5. Hi, im going to El Nido this coming August, 2012 via ITI also. Would you know if I can park/leave my car in their premises? Thanks.

  6. how much is the airfare from Manila to El Nido via ITI?


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