Thursday, July 21, 2011

Island Hopping in El Nido

I have an immense fascination with sandbars. It all started when I browsed through pictures of Maldives' beaches and sandbars while I was scanning a travel magazine. Since then, I've been itching to see one. The first sandbar that I caught sight of was the one in Virgin Island, Bohol. It was really beautiful.

When I was researching about El Nido months before the trip, I happened to read about Vigan Island. I was thrilled coz I will then be seeing another amazing sandbar formation.

Vigan Island is also more popularly known as Snake Island due to the curvature shape of the sandbar that extends outward off the island. 

The trip is just a short 15-minute boat ride from the Lagen Island Resort. It was low tide when we got there so the long stretch of powdery sand was clearly visible and we could walk from end to end of the sandbar.

Incidentally, there are two places that are named "Snake Island" in Palawan. The other one can be found at Honda Bay in Puerto Prinsesa.

photo by my cousin robbie
Sandbars are formed when two opposing currents pick up sand deposits. In due course, the sand builds up and results to the formation. The wonders of mother nature...

Luckily, our group was the first to arrive during that time of the day so we enjoyed the whole island to ourselves.

The island has a short hiking trail that leads to the viewpoint area at the top. We also passed through mangroves that surround the island.

After a short 15-minute hike, you'll see the entire stretch of the sandbar this amazing view:

maxi dress : topshop
bangle : from boracay
aviators : MNG
Our next stop was at a nearby island where the enigmatic Cudugnon Cave is located.

To be able to get inside the cave, one must maneuver himself while lying down (and stretching and bending) through a small opening (your yoga classes will definitely pay off here :P) . Our guide placed towels over the rocks so we'd be protected from some of the sharp protrusions. It was nevertheless  just a minimal effort coz once you get inside you'll be astounded by the illuminated high ceilings and the interior formations which seemingly looked like they've been sculpted by prehistoric men.

sandy beach of the island
Our guide shared with us that Cudugnon Cave is believed to have been a Neolithic burial site. The chambers in the cave were formed through erosion over millions of years ago. We were told that swallows use the holes on the wall as their sanctuary. We also saw bats that feed on insects inside.

I'll just post this picture as a preview. It's really nice when you see it in person. :)

Small Opening of Cudugnon Cave:

Our last stop was Cathedral Cave which is located at Pinasil Island. Some say it looks like a mushroom head but to me it looks more like a turtle. What do you think?

We weren't able to go inside because the opening is too small and our boat wouldn't fit the entrance of the cave. It's accessible through kayak though but make sure the tides are calm before going in. 

Did you know that there is a similar place in Hundred Islands that's also named Cathedral Cave? click me to see

We headed back to Lagen just in time to see the sunset. <3

“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my

soul expands in worship of the Creator.”


  1. Ang ganda!! Planning an El Nido trip din sa September, hopefully di sana kami ulanin =P

  2. hi christian! thanks for dropping by. i hope my photos did justice to the place :)
    i'll be returning din on september but this time on apulit island. sana nga nice pa din ang weather. :)

  3. Hi, I love your site. :) This place is indeed a paradise! :)

  4. thank you fateloves!
    i completely agree. el nido is L-O-V-E :D

  5. wonderful photos! I hope to visit El Nido some day :-/
    By the way if you love sand bars, you should also visit Camiguin's White Island :)

  6. yeah! i have yet to see white island. i heard it's really nice. :)

  7. nice sunset shot! inggit ako! :D

  8. Hi Jam you really have nice Photos I am a Fan! Thanks for sharing!


    Jogels the chuchubells

  9. teng : asus! ikaw nga magaganda sunset shots e. ;)

    jogels : hi!!! correction. i'm YOUR fan! i really enjoy reading your posts. and oh my! your photos from maldives are to die for! ♥

  10. nice blog... thanks for giving nice feedback about our company (ITI). Looking forward to flying with you again in going to amazing EL Nido. :-)

  11. El Nido is truly a paradise.. Can't wait to get back.. Cathedral Cave looks like a turtle to me as well.. :)

    Visa to UK


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