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El Nido Resorts | Miniloc Island

El Nido is located in the northern part of Palawan, about 420 km southwest of Manila. It boasts of a wide diversity of marine life, dramatic landscape of magnificent lagoons (truly captivating!!!), million year old limestone cliffs, immaculate sunsets and pristine beaches to name a few.

Some trivia I learned while we were in El Nido: 

  • Alex Garland, a famous novelist, wrote 'The Beach' while living here. He must have been really inspired.
  • El Nido is home to the Edible-nest Swiftlet (Collocalia fuciphaga). Their nests can be found hidden in the small holes/cracks of the towering limestone cliffs. These nests are made of saliva and is used to make bird's nest soup or 'nido soup'. (Nido is a Spanish word meaning nest.)
  • And did you know that five species of sea turtles can be found here? Amazing, right?

We took the first flight to El Nido so we got there early. Since our check in at Lagen's still after lunch, Maricon suggested that we stop by Miniloc Island first.

Miniloc Island Resort is situated on an island nestled in a cove. The towering limestone cliffs serve as a beautiful backdrop surrounding the resort. We'd then see the water cottages from afar. Water cottages built on stilts are one of the trademarks of El Nido Resorts. :)

Initial reaction : Wow.

approaching miniloc island

As we stepped out of the boat, the staff gave each of us a necklace that's made out of palm leaves weaved into a shape of a flower. cute. :) They also provided cold towels for us to freshen up. 

ok. my head isn't that big. haha.. it's because of the UWA lens.
top : kate moss | topshop
aviators : MNG
sling bag : given by a friend from Bangkok
beaded bracelet : from Boracay
silver bracelet : Prouds The Jewellers
One notable attribute of El Nido Resorts is that it prides itself on having the friendliest and most cheerful staff you'll ever find. They won't stop smiling! Seriously.. :) People here are so warm plus their smiles are highly contagious. SMIIIILLE! :D

We were welcomed by the resort's personnel that led us to a shaded spot. Here, we were given refreshing drinks to cool off.

The resort's staff then rendered a song accompanied by drums and guitars while we sat and relaxed.

Afterwards, this lady gave a brief overview of what we'd expect to see and do during our stay in El Nido. She also showed us a poster of several wildlife animals that we may encounter.

Finally, the group was oriented about the resort policies focusing mainly on energy conservation. More on that later.. :)

We walked around the resort and decided to check the souvenir shop. There are a lot of shirts available in different designs. They sell board shorts and swimsuits as well. You'll also find magnets and paperweights which by the way are undoubtedly the Filipinos' go-to pasalubong for friends at the office =P. I was desperately looking for a floppy hat but I didn't find one here. I hope they would sell an assortment of hats in the future. It's quite a hassle to bring wide brim hats on the plane.

My aunt decided to lounge by the bar while Robbie and I walked around the resort.

What I love about Miniloc is the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Also, the materials used in building the water cottages are very Pinoy so you get a cozy and homey feel. Lagen has a much more modern design and luxurious vibe.

water cottages of miniloc island resort
Back when we were at the El Nido Airport, Maricon advised us to get our swimwear from our luggage before it's sent to Lagen so we could go swimming with the jackfish in Miniloc. Too bad I didn't follow her advice coz I thought we wouldn't have enough time... (we have a scheduled boat ride from Miniloc to Lagen just after lunch) 

Just look at the water!  Pristine! 

i think these are the forest suites

We can just sit here all day..

After taking several photos and exploring the other parts of the resort, we joined my aunt at the bar. My cousin Robbie ordered beer while I got myself fresh buko juice.

san mig for the aussie guy =P
probably the most expensive buko i'll ever drink/eat in my entire life haha!
Later on we headed to the lunch buffet. It was very filling. They also serve ala carte (if you think you can't make the most out of the buffet).

yum! :)

After lunch we headed off to Lagen for our check in.
Goodbye Miniloc! Hope to see you again. :)

pristine clear waters surrounding miniloc island

If you're planning to stay at Miniloc Island Resort, you can check the room rates here:


  1. Pictures are awesome and inviting. I need to clear up my schedule for me to come here the soonest :-)

  2. thank you ping! i hope my photos did justice to the place. :)
    i bet you'll love El Nido. the place is romantic. ;)

  3. Very inviting. We should go here.

  4. Your blog is OUTSTANDING! Great work. I can't wait for my trip to El Nido!

  5. Stunnning! Thanks for the valuable information and beautiful descriptions. If I may ask, did you have a travel agency work your itinerary? I am planning to go there this summer.


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