Tuesday, July 12, 2011

El Nido Resorts | Lagen Island

Lagen Island Resort for me is a tranquil paradise tucked away intimately from all the other islands in El Nido. Surrounding the resort is a lush forest which serves as sanctuary for different species of birds and other wildlife. 

The place is ideal for honeymooners as it offers utmost privacy. Mok will definitely love this place. :) It also has the most romantic sunset views I've seen in Palawan.

As our boat drew closer, a line of water cottages came into sight.

...definitely a piece of heaven on earth! 

Lagen Island's Water Cottages

Santa Claus was on vacation! Hehe.. kidding.. We met this cute couple during our stay. I just feel genuinely inspired whenever I see couples that are still passionately in love with each other though many years have gone by. Yup, I'm a big cheeseball. :)

Front Side of the Resort

Here you can go swimming and snorkeling or avail the free use of kayak and explore the other areas of the island.

Just like in Miniloc, we were given refreshments by the hotel staff when we arrived.

Welcome Drinks and Snack
They gave us another necklace! :) This time the pendant is weaved to a shape of an angelfish.
We stayed in one of the forest rooms located at the edge of the tropical forest of Lagen Island.

The Bedroom

The room is clean, spacious and fully air-conditioned. It has a private toilet and bath which has this zen feel to it. I wasn't able to take photos though. I find it really nice that they already place the bath amenities in containers/small ceramic pots. They're really serious about their ecological and environmental advocacies. I hope other resorts would follow this effort as well. Oh and there's also a hair dryer which proved to be really convenient. :)

Three pairs of native slippers were given to us to use during our stay and/or take home as souvenirs.

Floors are made out of antique wood. There are also sliding glass doors which open up to your private veranda. Ours had a nice view of the sunset and the pool.

The room also has a mini-bar which offer a variety of drinks.

They also provided us with plastic bags for wet clothes and an eco-nido bag.

Our Veranda

View from our veranda
Hmm.. So far, so good!

We got settled for a few minutes and prepared for our next activity: Island Hopping :D

More to come!

If you're planning to stay at Lagen Island Resort, you can check the room rates here:


  1. Awesome photos of Lagen! Their water cottages are really worth paying for.

  2. thanks!!!

    yup! will be trying the water cottage soon. but this time i'll be going to apulit. :)

  3. *droooling... waaah! super inggit! :D

  4. This is the type of accommodation my parents would love! Hopefully I could take my parents to El Nido someday.

  5. This resort is really a combination of heaven and paradise on earth-. The photos are really stunning and it seems when looking at it, I also feel I am there roaming around and taking that snapshots on your behalf.:-). Nice blog site theme design....like it:-).

  6. @tina : book na! i think they still have a promo for apulit island resort if i'm not mistaken.. ;)

    @nee : ooh i agree :P take pol with you :)

    @pinay travel junkie : i'm sure they'll love it. my aunt is planning to go back to lagen and she'll be bringing my uncle with her. :)

    @bonzenti : it really is an amazing place. thanks for appreciating the photos and my blog design. :)

  7. waaaahhhh....soooo inggit!! :)

    1. Hi Glenn! Thanks for dropping by. You should definitely visit El Nido soon. :)

    2. Hi Glenn! Thanks for dropping by. You should definitely visit El Nido soon. :)

    3. Hi Ms Jam! I will, someday, hopefully.. it's out of my budget :)


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