Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ifugao : An Unforgettable Journey | Part 3

Cambulo - Batad Traverse

We woke up early the next day to get ready for the loooooong trek ahead. I didn't have proper trekking shoes so I hiked in my havaianas. And yes… it survived. :D

The hike towards the Batad viewpoint was very tiring. I think I finished 1 liter of water already and we were nowhere near the viewpoint then.

Do you see the covered court with the green roof? That's where we started hiking.

photo by Gello Esguerra
Cambulo's Rice Terraces
We passed by some mini waterfalls along the way.
It took us three hours to get to the viewpoint. Oh the joy when we got to the waiting shed! Rest, finally!!!

I sat there for about ten minutes to cool off.. Then Kuya Lawrence called to us. Onting steps na lang daw, we'll be able to see the Batad rice terraces. So up we went and for a moment there, I stood still. I was in deep awe! Right before my eyes emerged one of the most magnificent views I have ever seen... really really really AMAZING! The rice terraces were formed like an amphitheater!

Happy Camper!
Batad Rice Terraces - click the photo :)

That's Cels right there. :P
up close

Kuya Gello

Me! - photo from Ate Carms :)
can't get enough of the view
After admiring the Batad rice terraces, we headed down towards Tappiyah Falls. I thought this trek would be easier since it's all downhill from where we were but like many things, some are not what they seem. Parang yung mga lalaking rambo sa umaga tapos bongga pala sa gabi. Hehe. Ano kayang connection nun? But seriously, there are some parts where you would need to cross very slippery narrow pathways to get to the other end. So be careful! ;)

After 30 minutes, I started hearing gushes of water... 

At long last we're finally here! :D

Mighty Tappiyah Falls.. bongga siya sa laki!
We had lunch at the restaurant, after which we trekked up towards Batad Village. 
Then it started to rain… We were all soaking wet coz we already used the plastics to cover our gears. It was a good thing my bag had a free rain cover so my things remained dry. Todo promote na ata ako sa The North Face! hahaha! But after a few minutes the most awesome thing happened. The rain stopped and ---

Bigla na lang may sumigaw.. "Tingnan niyo! May rainbow!" Si Kuya Gello ata yun. hahaha! 

Waah! I panicked coz my camera was super tucked away. I kept thinking.. Noooo I cannot miss the double rainbow…. 

Eventually I got my camera and was able to capture this spectaaaaaaaacular view! 

cool that the end of the rainbow pointed to where Tappiyah Falls is -- must be Batad's pot of gold :)
click the photo and feast your eyes on AWESOMENESS
I managed to save a couple of photos from the bunch that got corrupted. :( I never retrieved the ones with the double rainbows. Sayang. But you still get the picture right? Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas.

My Ifugao experience certainly is one for the books. Iba yung feeling e. I have never been more attached to a place this way. I know my friends who traveled with me would agree. This place is so special. Sana maalagaan natin (not just the place but if we can help the people [especially the kids] there in any way possible, gawin natin) and I hope everyone would take time to visit it. They say we travel initally to lose ourselves, and we travel next to find ourselves. It's true. A certain place really can change you.


  1. i honestly haven't gone to the hundred terraces.
    I love your captured photos!

  2. thank you! the place in itself is very picturesque.
    hope you can visit soon! ;)

  3. wow, the view and the photos are simply amazing! Love the rainbow! I wish I can visit this place soon... :D

    Btw, will be following you, hope you follow back! Thanks! :D

  4. thanks tina! it was really awesome. :)
    the sky suddenly opened up and a ray of sunshine touched the ground.. right in the middle of the surrounding rice terraces. we're really blessed to witness such a spectacular view. hope you can visit soon.

    followed you na. cute blog :)

  5. the photos are breathtaking, it felt as if i tagged along with your trip. i can't wait to go there this coming month! :) i'll be following this blog.

  6. hey MC! thanks! :)
    i'm sure you'll fall in love with this place. keep in touch!

  7. i envy those who have been there,
    quick question, can my kids survive the trek from Saddle point to Batad?
    rephrase: is it advisable to bring 3 kids,
    15 yr old lass, 11 & 10 yr old lads?

  8. hi thobs! thanks for dropping by. it's really a sight to see.. :D

    however, personally, i think it would be advisable not to bring the kids here especially during this rainy season. the hike/trail could be very steep and slippery. also, they should be physically fit for long hikes. safety first. :)

  9. cant agree more with the hardship and risk just to reach the mighty tappiya falls. buwis buhay, but all worth it.

    ganda ng last photo. that rainbow spells a positive aura! keep on exploring! =)

  10. hi chyng! thanks for visiting..
    it's definitely a journey worth traveled.. we hiked for 15 hours din. :)
    i hope to visit the other villages like pula and mayoyao soon.
    keep in touch. :)


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