Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ifugao : An Unforgettable Journey | Part 2

The group finally got some rest after the long and bumpy ride. While we were getting settled, the kids started to come. Some were friendly and some were a bit shy. One kid kept on crying and was incessantly clinging to the shirt of his older brother while another kept doing Manny Pacquiao poses in front of our cameras. 

We noticed a couple of kids pounding rice from a house nearby. Kuya Lawrence shared with us that it's part of the children's chores. If they do not do it, they would have nothing to eat later. =P

You'll find it hard not to fall in love with these kids. They're so cute! These children love getting their photos taken and they surely know how to pose. We played with them and gave them jelly snacks while waiting for lunch. 

a kid taking care of his baby brother

olive :)

After lunch, we headed out to explore the village. The kids tagged along with us. :) Lawrence showed us the kids' school and we passed by several houses where locals were doing their afternoon chores.

We trekked down towards the river and did some photo ops. Surrounding this river are some of Cambulo's rice terraces. As Kuya Gello and Ron set up their gear, I can't help but notice one mischievous kid (His name is Jun-Jun). He was the naughtiest out of the bunch. When this one kid caught a snake, he insisted that they smash a rock on its head. Poor snake.

rice terraces

lawrence: "to swim or not to swim.."
I will never forget our extraordinary night in Cambulo. While we were having dinner, Lawrence sang country songs for us and he'd change some of the lyrics, much to our amusement.

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong
To Cambulo, mountain momma
Take me home, country roads~ 

rockstar Kuya Lawrence \m/

After dinner, the kids surprised us with a number of performances. There were lots of singing and dancing. The show ended with a tribal dance where they asked us to join them. It was a memorable night indeed. :)

Part 3 of our journey is the Cambulo-Batad traverse. Stay tuned. As Barney Stinson would put it, -- It's going to be LEGEN - wait for it - DARY! ;)

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