Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bohol Land Tour | Part 2

For the second part of our land tour, we discovered more of Bohol's culture, intricately designed churches, and famous landmarks (plus a side trip to a zoo).

We first had lunch at the floating restaurant on Loay River. It was quite a relaxing & tranquil experience. I don't know why it reminded me of a Loony Tunes movie.. yung nasa swamp sila.. =P

So after the tiring 214 steps up towards the Chocolate hills viewdeck, we were able to rest naman, unwind and just enjoy the cruise while eating and sharing side stories. We were also serenaded by Manong with his own version of Bohol's country songs. Balik sa Bohol balik (balik balik)~ =)

The weather was very cooperative din. The sun was out but it's not too hot and it's breezy -- perfect for a boat ride with friends down the long and winding river... Joke lang. Di naman siya masyadong winding. =P
I think when you try to google Bohol, you'll find Loboc/Loay River Cruise in the top 3 list of things to do here. It's true that one's Bohol escapade wouldn't be complete without this. =) But I guess you're not paying for the buffet talaga but for the overall experience. I found the food typical lang kase.. Siyempre naghahanap na naman ako ng Sinigang. haha!

Here are several shots:

group photo from my friend's camera :)

I heard the cruise on Loboc River has a different attraction. I tried to research about it when I got home and found out that the cruise by the Loboc River route will end at Tontonan falls (not really a big fan of waterfalls -- except for Tappiyah Falls in Ifugao). I was then pleased we took the other one (Loay). Hehehe. The pictures will show you why. =) We pulled a stop when we arrived at this mini village. It's like a small community of Bohol natives living at the end of the river. If you take the Loay Cruise, you'll be able to see them. We then got off the boat and watched the natives as they entertain the tourists. There's fire dancing, singing, juggling and drumbeats in the background. They also let you take their pictures or you can have your pictures taken with them. One kid hurried up to me and asked for money after I took his photo. It made me wonder if they're actually doing this for a living na din.

After lunch we headed to the Albuquerque zoo which houses the largest python in captivity. The place is relatively small when you compare it with other zoos like Manila/Malabon zoo. There we were greeted by Marimar - the python's caretaker. He She danced and entertained everybody as she imitated Lady Gaga. She looked more like Marilyn Monroe though. 

We passed by several churches on our way to Panglao. Our final stop was at Daius Church. It's one of the most beautiful and sophisticated churches I've seen in the Philippines. At the back of the church is a vast area covered with grass. Also, you'll be able to see an amazing view of the sea. <End of our First Day in Bohol>

girlfriends are forever! <3


  1. wow! i really love going to bohol for its beautiful and relaxing environment. your blog really made miss the place. By the way, I love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hi! thanks for dropping by. :)
    indeed.. bohol really has so much to offer travelers and tourists alike. i miss it too and i would love to go back soon. thanks so much for appreciating the photos. :)


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