Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bohol Beaches

Alona Beach for me is like a mini Boracay. There are many restaurants and bars along the beach strip. I know I have yet to go to Dumaluan. They say it's more peaceful there but the food is quite expensive since food establishments are few. Maybe next year.. =)

We arrived at Isis Bungalows around past 4 in the afternoon. It's a bit pricey but we had no complaints whatsoever. The room was spacious and neat, air conditioning was working perfectly, the bathroom was super clean and we all slept comfortably. =)

You can book for reservations here:

We woke up early the next day to get ready for island hopping. It was drizzling when we got to the boat but thankfully the rain stopped.

First activity was dolphin watching. On our way there, I spotted this school of fish jumping off the water:

The sun was just rising when we got to the area where the dolphins are. 

I was a bit disappointed coz I was expecting the dolphins to be showing off and jumping around. They're pretty elusive. 
They say baby dolphins tend to show off more. Siguro mga oldies na dolphins na tong mga to. pfft.

After the dolphin watching activity, we then went on to Balicasag Island (declared as a marine sanctuary) where we also had our lunch. I must say this is one of the best snorkeling sites I have been to (I've experienced snorkeling in Coron and El Nido as well). The corals were colorful and there's a wide array of vibrant fishes. We left our things on one of the cottages and rented snorkeling gears and aqua shoes. I highly suggest you rent a pair of these coz the edges of the corals are very sharp and you might step on sea urchins. It costs 100 pesos for a pair. Two of my friends didn't go with us so they just ordered lunch for the group while my other friends and I went snorkeling. The manongs told us that we have to ride a small rowboat to get to the coral garden. We were able to bargain and avail the boat ride for 100 pesos. hihihi! 

rocky sands of balicasag island

me =)

After lunch we were brought to Virgin Island. This was my first time to see an actual sandbar. The view was amazing. Let my photos do the talking. =)

We had to leave early because Pau stepped on a sea urchin. Scratch that. Here's what really happened daw pala. According to Pau's very retentive memory, we were walking, nonchalantly in the beach, when suddenly, a huge wave spawned upon us (take note the water is knee-deep). Now, in the midst of an important decision, this heroic guy saved us but he was spiked in the foot by this huge pointy thingy. True story, people. haha! We were trying then to get across the water to the other sandbar near the mangroves. Too bad there were no aqua shoes available for rent unlike when we were in Balicasag Island. You may want to buy a pair na din if you're really traveling a lot and you're into snorkeling. 

We then went back to the resort and lounged by the beach while Ton and Tan put calamansi on Pau's foot.  So after our 'hero' got enough rest, we headed out for dinner. =)

Alona Beach

decided to take photos before dinner ;)
Jam, Beth, Km
live band

We had breakfast at Hayahay the next day before going to the airport. They serve a variety of local and international dishes. We spent 150-200 pesos each. Yum yum!

Goodbye Bohol! We'll meet again. =)

p.s. Please do not mind what Paulo said. He was just maybe hallucinating then. Haha! But seriously, if you step on an urchin, first aid is to pee on it or put calamansi.

And please don't tell Paulo I said that. :)

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