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Island Hopping Around Apulit Island El Nido Resorts

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I've been off the radar for the past... how long has it been, really? 3 YEARS??? As valid excuses go, I got tied up with work and the life of a woman struggling with quarter-life crisis. So much has happened and the past 3-4 years have been a mix of euphoric, nerve wracking, exhilarating and sometimes chaotic episodes. Needless to say, It was one heck of an emotional ride. Think I'll tackle that one of these days.. But for now, I'm just glad I have the luxury of time to write and be in touch with all of you guys again. 

I almost forgot I had a draft of this post. Okay. Here we go.. You should know that I'm trying very hard to recall what chronologically transpired during this time so please bear with me as I recount my second day on the quiet island of Apulit...


I'm usually not a morning person but whenever I'm in some place far from Manila, my body clock automatically shifts. It's during times like this that I get proper breakfast (cue: hashtag breakfast of champions) -- freshly brewed coffee (which I don't consume anymore - doctor's order), yoghurt, fresh fruits, grilled fish, omelette and don't forget sinangag

It is so refreshing to finally have breakfast out in the open! With a stunning view, tranquil atmosphere, the most comforting cool breeze caressing your face and the sound of tamed waves running to kiss the shoreline, what more can you possibly ask for? (Well, I'd probably ask for moolah. Lots of moolah for more travel. Haha)

omg ang payat ko dito
Our events coordinator planned many exciting activities for us to do this day. This is what I love about El Nido Resorts. They make sure your days are carefully planned out so you get to maximize and enjoy your stay to the fullest. After breakfast we headed off to the port to do some fish feeding and snorkeling.

Someone's excited... :)

Me at the port:

The water is so clear, you can see all the fish swimming around. If only we brought an underwater cam with us.. *sigh* (I can't stress this enough.. Having an underwater camera is a must when traveling to Palawan.)

We went cave-hopping after. This activity was pretty interesting because the caves here are very different from the ones near Lagen and Miniloc.

Our first stop was the Bat Cave (literally). As suggested by the name, it serves as a nesting ground for fruit bats.

The largest and most popular cave around Apulit Island is St. Joseph's Cave. As our boat approached the entrance to the cave, we were greeted by the towering rock formation which is said to resemble the Saint.

I was told that you could reserve a private lunch/dinner on some of the bigger caves. Honestly, I can't imagine who would want to eat in a place where there's such strong smell of bat poop. But if that's your thing, I won't hold it against you. :P

After the morning tour, we headed straight back to the resort to get ready for lunch. We still had an hour to spare so Mok and I decided to kayak around the water cottages. What distinguishes Apulit Island from both Lagen and Miniloc are the plenty baby black tip sharks swimming in the shallow waters below the water cottages. I thought they were going to get aggressive when we moved closer to them but they were just busy eating the little fishies to notice us.

And here we are again during our favorite activity next to island hopping (He seriously had 3 halo-halos): 

After our sumptuous lunch, we continued with the day's planned activities and went island hopping. 

Taytay, Palawan is a water baby's paradise. Snorkeling around the coral garden, we found ourselves immersed in wonder as we would then discover a big expanse of colorful marine life and literally become part of Ariel's world. Sorry, can't help it. :P We passed by numerous stunning limestone cliffs as we headed to the other islands. It's no wonder renowned underwater explorer Jacques Costeau described Palawan as having one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. Just look at this cerulean gem:

Our last stop was Isla Blanca. The island has fine white sand and a sand bar leading to mangroves at one end.

Here is a panoramic view of the whole island. I took this photo while we were on the boat.

We stayed here for a while to swim and lounge by the beach.

After the island hopping activity, we headed back to the resort just in time for the sunset. 

view from the veranda of our water bungalow
I've been to many places but there's nothing more immaculate than a Palawan sunset. It's as if God is working on a blank canvas each time the day comes to a close and is painting me a message. Yesterday, He painted a soft pink and muted purple sky and it felt like He's telling me to be hopeful, light and happy.. Today, it was a crimson, golden fiery sky with its reflection setting the waters ablaze. I guess God is telling me to be brave, to be more passionate in what I really want to do, take more risks and set about my life with new vigor. 

Mok and I ended the day with an intimate private dinner at the resort's Ylang-Ylang garden. Private lunch/dinners can be arranged with your events coordinator. You could also choose where you would want to dine (cave/garden/by the beach). It's nice to have some quiet time alone with your partner and just enjoy a lovely meal together. During our dinner, the resort manager visited us for a quick chat. 

I'd definitely recommend this resort to couples. It's very romantic. :)

Good night, Apulit sland.


  1. I miss El Nido! Truly one of the most wonderful places in the world. The view is simply breathtaking.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl


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