Monday, September 26, 2011

Taytay Flight via Island Transvoyager Inc.

We flew to Taytay, Palawan via Island Transvoyager Inc. (ITI). 

It was my second time flying via this chartered plane but it was Mok's first. I was really thrilled for him. Actually, I was more excited for him to taste the delicious muffins they serve before the flight rather than the plane trip itself. hahaha!

The 75-min flight was smooth. I was fearful we'd have a bumpy ride since it's September already. But God is good. :) He painted clear skies that day. The sceneries and islets below us were beautiful. 

ITI now flies thrice to Taytay daily. For more information regarding it, check their site here or you can just refer to my other post (El Nido Flight via Island Transvoyager Inc.). 

Unlike in Lio Airport (El Nido), our plane landed on a dirt runway at the Cesar Lim Rodriguez (CLR) Airport. 

Guests bound for Apulit Island Resort were instructed to alight from the plane. After several minutes, the plane took off for Lio Airport to drop off the other guests.

We were then loaded to a big jeepney where a guide and several security personnel joined us. I love country dirt roads. They have a positive psychological effect on me. haha! It's really good to be away from the city. 

Aaah! Sunlight and fresh air!

We passed by vast farms, mountain ranges and mini bridges. And yes, the weather was perfect! Hmm.. I'm starting to believe I bring a pocketful of sunshine everywhere I go. I really am grateful for all the blessings. :)

Our jeepney stopped at the tag end of this wooden wharf. As we reached the edge, all the guests were given life jackets and ushered to a boat.

I found this part very enjoyable. It felt like we were somewhere in Africa or wild South America.  

Inspired by the surroundings, other guests began telling Lolong (name of the largest crocodile found here in the Philippines) jokes while we sipped soothing ginger tea and munched on delicious coconut cookies. 

Beautiful mangroves surround most of the area.

Moments later, we arrived on open sea. Apulit Island, Here we come!


  1. Wow! An social class nman! How much did you score for the plane? Chaka isn't it scary kc small ung plane? :)

  2. hi tina! what's your email address? i'll pm it to you. it's a bit scary the first time but it's like flying on a normal plane din.. the difference is you could really hear the sound of the engine.. hehehe.. no worries, magagaling ang pilots :)

  3. Wanted to go there back when the island was known by the resort's name pa (my friend's family used to own the island) but they closed for a time because of major renovations. Glad to know everything is back in operation already. Maybe its time to plan a trip! ;)

  4. hi joie! wow! that's nice! they re-opened december of 2010.. you must visit this place soon.. super rich ang marine life! just under the water cottage you'll be able to spot baby black-tipped sharks swimming and scouting for food. :)


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