Monday, September 05, 2011

Evenings at Lagen Island

Evenings at Lagen emanate a warm and intimate atmosphere. Each night was a peaceful celebration of delectable food, charming environment and great company. 

The resort has different dinner settings and themes for each night. One was a cultural night where the resort showcased the different traditional native dances of the Philippines. 

The guests were serenaded by a folk singer in the early part of the evening. Our group enjoyed dinner while listening to the singer's rendition of Ronan Keating's songs. His voice was really beautiful and relaxing! My aunt even made chika with him after his performance. 

We were then entertained by the resort's crew as they moved rhythmically to our country's traditional dances. Foreigners were invited to come up on stage and dance with them. My cousin 'bravely' danced Tinikling with the Lagen Cultural Dancers. :)

with the Lagen Cultural Dancers

We met the nicest people in El Nido. One of the couples who joined us during our lagoon tour was celebrating their anniversary then. They went to our table and gave us a slice of their complimentary cake from El Nido Resorts. So sweet. 

After our wonderful dinner, we headed to our room and found this. :)

Every night, the resort staff leaves a piece of paper with a unique Filipino "alamat" story printed on it along with a midnight snack. 

Good night El Nido. :)


  1. oh my god, that pool is just magnificent! makes you almost not wanna swim in it so as not to stir it up... should definitely visit palawan soon. lovely photos!


  2. Great night shots! The pool is amazing!

  3. can i just say wow. love the night shots of the resort.

  4. Wow! I really love the pictures. The resort looks beautiful. Hope I can go there someday. :)

  5. ang ganda po ng mga shots! swabe. At nakakatuwa naman yung mga alamat na binibigay sa inyo every night. Magaling yung naisip nilang yon, nice touch!

  6. Such a gorgeous resort! Wish I could go there some day! xoxoxoo

  7. Wow, it looks like a little paradise, indeed ;)
    Nice pictures !

  8. Wow! you've got beautiful photo here, wish I could visit the place one day! =)

  9. im really impressed with resorts that brings in a bit of our culture.

  10. eden : yes you should. thank you for the kind words sis! :)

    teng : thank you! i'm struggling a bit with long exposure.. =P

    gillboard : thank you so much! :)

    karla : indeed, sis!

    joan : salamat! it's nice coz through it, tourists from abroad learn a bit about our culture.. doubles as a bedtime story for the kids too. ;)

    fashion cappucino : gorgeous indeed! :)

    jane : i think i overused the term 'paradise' in my posts already.. hehe. but no other word would describe it perfectly. thank you for the kind words sis! ;)

    jblogged : take me with you next time! =P

    dong : the feeling is mutual. :)

  11. wow ! i really love night outing... such a wonderful place too.

  12. Hi Jam, How are you? Me and my wife are booked this coming November at Apulit Resort. We're already so excited, especially after reading your blog. It was very descriptive and very helpful, thanks for all the travel tips. But one thing you didn't mention about is tipping/gratuity. Once again, maraming salamat!


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