Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arrival at El Nido

The flight took about an hour and fifteen minutes. A clear and vivid blue sky greeted us as we got off the plane. The weather was perfect!

We were welcomed by a group of women who were singing folk songs as we walked towards the terminal. Unlike other terminals, the El Nido airport has this spacious open hut that serves as the waiting/boarding area. The crew provided snacks and refreshments while each guest was attended by an El Nido Resorts activities coordinator. 

Take nothing but photographs. 
Leave nothing but footprints. 
Bring nothing but memories. 
Kill nothing but time.

while waiting, robbie and i took photos of the carabao. (walang ganyan sa AU :P)

Here's Maricon, our activities coordinator. We're very fortunate she was the one that got assigned to us. :) She helped us choose the best activities to maximize our stay. She would then update us regarding our next planned activities every time we walk pass by her in the resort and she'd always greet us with a warm smile. 

A few minutes later, we were loaded to a super jeepney. I call it super because of its enormous size. It was like a mini bus. I think they designed it like that because foreigners in general are really tall. hehehe..

bungisngis! can't remember what i was laughing about. =P

After what seemed like a very short couple of minutes, we arrived at the wooden bridge off the port.

We rode on a motor boat first because the water at the end of the bridge was still shallow and then we transferred to the bigger boat. We were entertained by one of the tour guide's many stories about El Nido. Thank you kuya for taking our pictures! Yup, he knows how to use an slr. *clap clap!* I forgot his name though.. :(

all smiles!
First stop : Miniloc Island

to be continued.. :)


  1. Hi Jam! You take such lovely photos and you look beautiful! I just love the beach and wow El Nido, you guys look like you had soo much fun! I'm soo wishing I was at the beach right now... (sigh). - Mar

  2. thanks mar! there's still a lot to learn though when it comes to taking good pictures. haha.. but i sincerely hope that through my photos, people would appreciate our country more. i wish i could inspire others to travel the philippines as well. :)

    that's also my wish! i would also love to go to the beach but the weather's a downer... =P

    keep in touch! :)

  3. This is also one of my dream vacay destinations! I must also say, WOW!

  4. hi ding! el nido really is enchanting and beautiful.. it's definitely one of the best places to visit in the philippines. :)

  5. next time i go to el nido. im taking the plane. safe ba sya? hehe!

  6. hi teng! is your name teng? correct me na lang ha.. hehe. yup! safe and smooth flight.. ITI is actually the official carrier of el nido resorts guests.. from the reviews i read din, it's really better to go via ITI than SEAIR. hassle-free and no delayed flights! :)

  7. Hi Jam! yup Teng is my name. :) Thanks for answering my inquiry. :) We took the Puerto Princessa flight and travelled 5 hrs by van when we went to El Nido last June. Sobrang boring ng byahe kaya next tym we'll definitely take the ITI for shorter travel time. I've been reading your El Nido blogs and you definitely put justice on the paradise. =D


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