Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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Hi there! 

Thanks for stumbling upon my mini sanctuary in cyber space. I just recently decided to blog again. :) I really missed writing and now, well, I have the time to do so since I'm only studying as of the moment.

I am Jamila Angela Santos, a 25 yr old girl living in the Philippines. My friends call me Jam. :) I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in March 2007 with a degree in BS Electronics and Communications Engineering and got my ECE License November of the same year. After that, I worked as a developer for an I.T. company and sadly have been itching to go back to my field again. I guess things you plan to do & visualize of becoming when you're still in school don't always work out the way you hope for when you get out and venture into the 'real' world. And I think I'm still trying to find out what I really want to do.. something more than sitting in front of a desk and a computer for 8hrs a day… I just know it's gonna be awesome. (fingers crossed).  :)

So there.. 
We move on to the part where I explain how I came up with my blog's name. =P

As many of you know, Maria Clara is a character from Jose Rizal's novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. She is Crisostomo Ibarra's love interest and essentially represents the typical mid upper class Filipina in the Spanish Era -- delicate, conservative, fragile, sensitive, vulnerable, romantic, beautiful, sympathetic & witty with a slight touch of humor. Hence, whenever old folks use this household name to describe today's young women, they usually mean you're mahiyain/conservative/you don't speak much. 

I think even as centuries had passed, every Filipina still has that Maria Clara persona inside her. Yes, we're more independent, more inquisitive and tougher now but you know what they say.. Inside every confident woman is a fragile princess waiting to be saved. :)

This blog aims to share the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of a modern Filipina. It's all about the charming people, our rich culture, the lovely places and my daily life experiences (which hopefully won't bore you to death =P). 

Welcome and I hope you find something you like. ;)


  1. Hi Jam,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you're back to blogging. dami mong stories and great photos to share ah! :D
    naks, Engineer ka pala! Teka, classmate ba kayo ni chyng? :D

  2. Hello! Yup I'm an ECE but I'm from UST. We're not classmates.. I think she's from another school. :)


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