Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lingayen Trip

My boyfriend invited me a couple of years ago to visit his hometown. It was May of 2009 I think. His mother was the Hermana Mayor of that year's Flores de Mayo in their area. 

Flores de Mayo is a Catholic festival introduced by the Spaniards in the Philippines and is celebrated in the month of May. 'Flores' is a Spanish word meaning flower. The festival includes the Sagala - a procession that's sort of a beauty pageant as well. Young women parade in the streets following the traditional order where the Reyna Elena appears last in line. Reyna Elena represents Helena of Constantinople who found the Holy Cross in Jerusalem and brought it back to Constantinople. The said procession commemorates this event. Usually, the most beautiful girl among the participants is chosen to portray Reyna Elena. My mom was a Reyna Elena back in her day too. :)

Reyna Elena :)
After the procession, Mok's family served food at their home for the participants and the people in their barangay. Then we went to his lola's home which is a town away from their house. I love Lola Nining's cooking. :) His uncles were funny too. They were going on and on about how Mok was so makulit when he was still young. They even showed me how he danced then. So cute. :P After sharing stories and a lot of laughs, we headed back to Mok's house and got a good night's rest. 

The following morning, we stopped by at Lola Nining's to have breakfast before going to Alaminos. Her garden is so pretty. :) I'll post a separate entry for Hundred Islands. 


Mok's cousin

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